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INVITATION TO TENDER For General Editor for the project Slow Food as a means of Dialogue in Mediterranean Contexts - SLOWMED.

Dear Sir/Madam,

The Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Zahle and Bekaa is looking for a General Editor in order to develop the Children Book recipe for SlowMed project.

You may find download the complete tender file including the below documents:

-          Brief Description about SlowMed project

-          Invitation to tender

-          Annex 1 – Template to Answer the invitation to tender

-          Annex 2 – Declaration of honour.


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Looking forward to receiving your tender and the declaration of honour by e-mail, before the 28th of April 2015, to the following email address:

If you have any questions regarding particular aspects of this invitation to tender or any other matter related to the tender please don't hesitate to contact us at





SLOWMED - Slow Food as a means of dialogue in Mediterranean Contexts


A project implemented under the ENPI CBC MED Programme and financed for an amount of EUR 949,138,74 by the European Union through the Eurpean Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument, aims to promote creative intercultural dialogue and to consolidate a Mediterranean cultural identity based on its culinary heritage. From January 2014 to December 2015 Centre for Creative Development Danilo Dolci with its 7 partners will feature many activities targeting the preservation and the promotion of the Mediterranean Diet.


Project Background


Acknowledgement of the vital role of Mediterranean Diet in the Euro-Med society


Immaterial Heritage recognized by UNESCO


The Mediterranean Diet brings a whole concept of everyday life with its traditions and values, highlighting the importance of dialogue on Mediterranean society: food is a communication


tool for traditions and culture as well as social relations à Mediterranean Diet contains all the features of Mediterranean society.


Why SlowMed?


Individualistic Mediterranean societies have erosed the diversity of the Mediterranean culinary cultural heritage.


The Mediterranean Diet is «decayed into a moribund state» (FAO UN 07/2009)


Urgent need to create a sinergy of actions in order to disseminate, inform, preserve and spread the cultural heritage of the Mediterranean Diet, with a specific attention towards the youngest






Applicant: Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo «Danilo Dolci» PP1 – Bibliotheca Alexandrina (Egypt)


PP2 – Arab Resource Center for Popular Arts (Lebanon) PP3 – Mediterranean Diet Foundation (Spain)


PP4 – Associacao In Loco (Portugal)


PP6 - Battir Landscape Ecomuseum (Palestine)


PP7 – Department of Health of the Sicilian Region (Italy)


PP8 – Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Zahle and Bekaa (Lebanon)




TG1: Local Working Group (2 Professional Chefs, 2 Amateur Chefs, 2 Scene directors, 2 film-makers, 1 nutritionist, 1 food & culture communication expert).


TG2: Elderly people


TG3: Children, parents, teachers attending the SlowMed events


TG4: Local communities, policy makers, society representatives, third sector organizations, local




General Objective


To promote creative intercultural dialogue and to consolidate a Mediterranean cultural identity based on its culinary heritage: SlowMed will work towards fully acknowledging “food” as a


vehicle to increase dialogue between people & civilizations and to build a diverse and coherent Mediterranean cultural identity.


Specific Objectives (SO)


SO1 Encouraged Mediterranean culinary heritage preservation and conservation.


SO2 Promoted the recognition of food as a form of cultural and artistic expression.


SO 3 – Supported artist’s creativity and expression of Mediterranean culinary heritage: Food is


"A work of art”.


SO 4 Advanced networking in this field therefore encouraging cross-fertilization.


SO 5 - Promoted nutrition education based on the Mediterranean culinary heritage.





Expected Results (ER)


ER_1_6 Local Working Groups & 1 Documentary "4 Culinary Seasons in the Mediterranean"


ER_2_Mediterranean Roadmap of SlowMed Laboratories including food exhibition, conferences, concerts and nutrition education workshops in each partner country.


ER_3_“Fusion Dishes” Competition of Mediterranean SlowMed during the final event of the


Roadmap held in Palermo


ER_4_SlowMed Food Recipe Book as a nutrition educational book for children developed by artists.


ER_5_SlowMed Portal, Brochure and digital newsletters


ER_6_Awareness raising workshops in schools to promote EuroMed diet.


ER_7_SlowMed Final Dissemination seminar and Press Conference.


ER_8_SlowMed Network to promote culinary cultural heritage


SlowMed in numbers:


6 countries involved.


72 people involved in local activities.


2 public International Events.


3 Transnational Meetings.


-  At least 250 pupils involved in the nutrition educational workshops in the school.


120 elderly people involved in the local activity through interviews.


1 Website/Platform.


6 local events in the countries of the partnership.


1 Recipe Book for children.


6 local documentaries.


1 Final Documentary.


Thousands of people reached by our message for a better and sustainable life.